Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fira Ayuni (2013) – Episode 4

Fira Ayuni story of a single child in a family of successful businessman Datuk Fahmi and Datin Shamsiah. When the teenager, Fira can play piano and very active in music, especially the creation of the song. However, she went on business management for aspiring to be a successful businessman like his father. In college, Fira often harassed by seniors, Duqqi Amani. Duqqi also comes from the family that runs the business and has a gallery of musical instruments selling musical instruments and studio jamming itself. Fira make decisions out of the family home to build a life of its own and worked with Nusantara Holdings managed by Herwan Hadi, the brother of Duqqi. Hadi good attitude makes Fira fall in love with him. Unfortunately, the close proximity to Fira arrested for plotting Rozita Duqqi the feelings for Hadi . All the conflicts and challenges that Fira’s life must pass through this answered in drama Fira Ayuni.

via Tonton Full Movie Online : ACG-TUBE 2012-2013


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