Monday, June 1, 2015

Grimm (2012) Season 1 – Episode 9

Grimm 2012 Season 1 – Episode 9 BluRay 720p x264
Of Mouse and Man
– A man named Leonard “Lenny” Drake is found dead in a garbage truck and Nick and Hank investigate the case. They find blood in the dumpster near his building and a trail of blood to the parking garage. The manager explains that the tenant was a violent man that lived in his apartment with the gorgeous Natalie Havershaw. On the previous night, they had an argument and the tenants Marty Burgess first and the lawyer Mason Snyder then had come to protect her. Marty returned to his apartment while Lenny and Mason continued to argue. Then Mason escorted her to her car and she left the building to check in a hotel. Nick and Hank visit Marty at his junk shop and Nick sees that Marty looked like a mouse. Then they visit Mason and Nick sees that the lawyer looked like a snake. Nick visits Monroe and learns that the creatures are the harmless and cowardly Mauzhertz and the dangerous and lethal Lausenschlange respectively. Then Monroe receives a phone call relative to work and Nick leaves him, but Monroe receives a message instead. When another man is found dead in the dumpster of a repair shop in the same “modus-operandis” Nick believes the cases are connected.

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