Thursday, October 15, 2015

Z Nation (2015) Season 2 – Episode 2

Z Nation 2015 Season 2 – Episode 2 HDTV 1080p x264
White Light – Following Citizen Z’s on-air bounty announcement, it seems like everyone left who isn’t a zombie is on the hunt for Murphy — and they’re not afraid to do whatever it takes to bring him in dead or alive! Newly reunited, our Heroes find themselves battling both zombies and over-eager bounty hunters. The fighting is fierce, resulting in a near-death experience for each of our Heroes, culminating in a tragedy no one saw coming. In all the confusion, Murphy manages to give our Heroes the slip yet again. Vasquez, at first interested only in bagging Murphy for himself, starts to see the value in working with our Heroes rather than against them. Together they must work as a team to figure out just where Murphy has gone now.

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